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Strömsbruk’s history 4

In 1967, AB Iggesund and Bergvik & Ala AB bought the company and things changed.


The company’s own identity had ceased to exist.


To the village of Strömsbruk this came as a hard blow, and a number of prominent buildings were leveled to the ground.


By 1981 the pulp era finally ended.

Production of refined paper products took over however, and some 200 people were employed.

These operations today belong to Iggesund Paperboard, a division of the Holmen group of companies.

A number of other industries and businesses have since established themselves in Strömsbruk.

The environment is spectacular and presents fertile ground for new ventures.

With the added bonuses of central location, relaxing family life, proximity to lakes, the sea and outdoor life, Strömsbruk has a brilliant future.

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